Mission & Goals


The History Museum of Burke County promotes the collection, preservation, educational interpretation and display of those artifacts, documents and events most representative of Burke County - its prehistory and history, its cultural and economic development, its people and institutions. 


As a History Museum, maintain facilities and locations for instructive programs and interpretive public exhibits of local history. 

As a Public Trust, provide cataloging and safe storage for private collections available for duplication, donation, or loan.

As a Public Service, encourage safe storage for current Burke County documents, relics, and materials found in homes, businesses, public departments and agencies.

As a Preservation Society, prevent further destruction, removal, and loss of Burke County’s heritage through education and training.

As a Community Cultural Resource, provide public access to Burke County’s heritage for the benefit of present and future generations.

As a Learning Center, promote Burke County’s history among public and private schools and educators, researchers and authors. 

As a Center for Research, encourage ongoing studies into events unique to Burke County and, when appropriate, related to N.C., the southeast United States, and the world.

As a Promoter of Tourism, seek innovative ways to attract visitors into our county with historically relevant occasions, publications, and media productions.

As a Public Agency, promote the highest ethical standards in achieving this mission and these goals within the community we serve.