Shop for Christmas Gifts at our Museum Shop

Looking for the right Christmas present for a special person? Consider a book. The Museum gift shop carries a varied selection of books, especially books related to the history of Burke County and the area. We have books related to the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, the Battle of King’s Mountain, the Native Americans in Burke and the Spanish Settlement of Fort San Juan. There are also books on hiking trails in the Linville Gorge, ghost stories, genealogy and family history books. One can read about the most recent study of the Brown Mountain Lights and what the geologist who led the study believes they are. We also have cookbooks, books for children and several books on the Frankie Silver legend. The Heritage of Burke County Vol II and Burke, the History of a North Carolina County are now both on sale for less than one half their original selling prices. The Museum Shop also carries local craft items, note cards, art prints, and other items. The shop is open during Museum hours. (We do not ship items.)

Nancy VanNoppen